8 Mar 2013

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4 Tools to Bulk Follow and Unfollow on Twitter

Twitter, it is all about you follow the people who you want to catch up with and they follow you to just be updated with your activities. Technically, it is about the followers. Reaching out people with your Tweets is very easy on Twitter. Literally speaking, you will not void of your followers. Marketing your brand or blog on Twitter begins with having more number of followers. The only place you search for people to get their attention respective of showing your attention on theirs. It is an etiquette afterall that give and get attention is a great thing that is working out in the Blogging world. These numbers will make a big change in your Twitter marketing world. You can earn followers directly or indirectly. Directly in the sense that you visit their twitter profile and follow them and wait for them to follow you back. Indirectly is with the help of the below tools with autofollows. There are many tools out there that helps you for bulk follow and unfollow on your twitter account.
    Here are some of the tools that I have experience with and I think that they can be the best tools for you too.


      Socialoomph is one amazing tool where you can have almost all the facilities you need to manage your Twitter account once you buy the whole package. You can add multiple twitter accounts, schedule your Twitter tweets with time so that you need not to be online all the time. It posts your tweets whenever you schedule it. Alongside, Direct Messages, Twitter Mentions are also available if you buy the pack. You will be able to follow the people who follow you. 


 Tweepi is another tool that I was talking about for your bulk follow and unfollow. It is also buyable, but with the free account you may get most of the features you wish for. You can unfollow the users who are not following you back. It also helps you to follow the followers of the people who follow you so that for example if you follow a guy say he is interested in your field, then you can follow the people who follow him so that the chances are ending up in creating a mob of your field.


   Twellow tool lets you follow people by categories. Once you sign up for this tool you will be able to follow people based on their categories. For example, if you are interested in Web Analytics, just search for the twitter users on this category and follow them so that they might follow you as well if they are interested. It also helps you to join in those categories so that others may find you in those categories too.


   FriendorFollow is a tool that will let you find the people who you are following and who are not following you. It also allows you to unfollow people who are not following back. Eventhough there are some restrictions that might open up only after you buy it, it is quite useful with the free plan for you to find the follows and unfollows. It allows you to reciprocate the followers and unfollowers of your accounts.

   There are also many other tools for bulk follow and unfollow for your Twitter account. I have personally used these above tools and I am pretty satisfied with them. I also found another one unfow. It is not much helpful other than just follow the users who followed you and unfollow those who unfollowed you. I found that there is no limit as like other tools. You can unfollow as many as you can for a day if you are not worried about your account getting suspended. Well, probably that is a problem. 
    So, I am hoping its time for you guys to tell me the tools that you have been using for your twitter account through your comments.

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  1. Very interesting. Now I'll try Social Too, Thank you for advice.
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  2. I use http://followerfilter.com/ for Searching User- Tweet RT and Favorite listing and deletion - Unfollower finding an deletion. Even the site is new, it works well!

    Site also allows you to see any twitter user's (included yours) unfollowers, followers and followings without login.

    Of course it's free and unlimited!

  3. Great post this saves me a lot of time!! Thanks and greetings from Denmark.

  4. Thanks for the Blog, Will check them out was using TwtDominator Lately working great Has follow, Unfollow and even Scrape Feature to get a List of Users too

  5. Great info! Visit this site => http://twitterunfollow.net. Find out who not following you back, get notifications when someone unfollows you, and more. Here you can find people that don't follow you back. Super easy to use!

  6. Try our similar applications at: http://www.easyunfollow.com or http://www.follow-unfollow.com

  7. Very nice. helped a lot for my #Socinova business. www.socinova.com

  8. I can say from experience that Socialoomph is very good, but I do wish they'd put a little more passion into the visual side of their tool so as to increase the pleasure of using it and navigating through its features and pages.

  9. I must have to say that, this is best tool ever to get rid of creepy content from twitter timeline. Best thing about these tools is that we have not to spend whole day to clean them. just some clicks and boom it'd done.

  10. Have you not tried ManageFlitter?

    You can use iMacros in Google Chrome to continue bulk unfollowing and following like before Twitter changed the rules. It's fantastic!

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