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7 Jan 2018

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7 Ways to Improve Your Twitter Connections

There has been a wrong idea circulating among people that "Twitter is not for Everyone" which is completely irrelevant to how Twitter is designed to work. I would say that Twitter is an amazing medium of cut short messages, instant news platform and if used properly, it could become a very well platform for marketing/ advertising your product or a brand per se. 

 Do you think that way too ? If yes, read through the below 7 points to see how you can leverage your twitter account to make good connections and advertising your brand.

Start Following Back :- 

Now who wouldn't like a million followers to their account . Wouldn't you ? This has to be the first and foremost work that needs to be set right to get your twitter account and your connections upto the mark, unless you are already a brand that has established its worth on twitter.

If someone's following you, that clearly means that they are showing their interest to see what you have in store and eventually expecting you to follow back too. Now you may tweet all the things that you are doing good and a lot of other things, but they'd like you to follow back as well. If you're not doing that, its most likely you will end up loosing that one follower from your account which is the same with all the followers over the course.

There are users who tend to "DM- Direct Message" you to follow them back and its normal and there are users who would expect you to do the favour of following them back without asking for it. It is for you to decide whether the follower you just gained is worth following back or not. There's another post that talks about interacting with your peer users on Twitter efficiently.

ShoutOut and Engage in Conversations :-

I think this is powerful if you'd want to stay on course with your followers to actually make them feel that you're worth having a conversation. #SO is one of the many twitter tags that users find commonly being used to make a shoutout to your peer follower/following users.

Use the hashtags wisely. Now you don't want to spam your follower with too many hashtags that makes the conversation irrelevant in most of the cases.

 Call out names and start engaging in conversations that will make them feel special and next time they will look forward to your tweets. Now this may not seem like a wise idea if you already have a million of followers to your account but still could be considered doing this once in a while to keep up the interaction factor going forward.

 Its time for you to decide what you should be doing now to make your twitter connections awesome and interactive.

Usage of GIFs :-

Let me tell you this, gif images works all the time. It's attractive and catches the eye on spot and people would want to retweet, start a conversation over your tweet.

 Just a random search for "gif" on twitter gives the below link where you can see for yourself the number of retweets and favorites and replies to the tweets with gif images. That proves it now, doesn't it ?

Ask for Opinions :-

Asking doesn't make you any less than the other person who doesn't, the fact that it only makes you a better person and makes you approachable. Ask for Opinions in the form of tweets. Fellow Twitter users would be happy to reply back to your tweets if that interests them.

Convey a message, or a help if needed, all you have to do is ask and that your twitter herd listens and you might not know, you will have your solution one tweet away.

 Coming to the point, asking for opinions, thoughts, helps improve your connection on twitter.

Use Polling Feature :- 

Polling Feature on Twitter is one of the ways to improve your twitter connections. There are a lot of scenarios where you wanted to choose an option from a group of options and you can actually ask it out on Twitter suggesting your connections to choose one for you.

 This will actually improve your perspective on seeing things in a different way and you can even start tweeting back to your twitter users with the feedback that will create a whole new conversation altogether.

Tweet Back :-

As far as Twitter connections is considered, its not one way. Meaning, you have to often tweet back to your other fellow followers, followings tweet and start engaging yourself in a conversation.

This will give you an option to be seen over a wide list of people, your followers/followings followers and improve your connections along the way.

Share Quotes :-

I have found this as one effective way to improve connections, infact it works all the time. Sharing Quotes as a tweet get more considered than a normal tweet like "What a crazy day! ".

The Retweets that you get and the views on your quotes will automatically improve your connections with quality followers overtime.

 Now that I've shared all the 7 ways that I myself use frequently, we have come to the end of this post.

 Let me know if I've missed out any of your favorite ways and also how is it working out for you in the comments.
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27 Aug 2016

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How To Get Verified On Twitter Through Application Process

Yay.,! Have you heard the news ? Now you can get verified on Twitter by applying manually telling them you're the one. Yes., I was wandering for news on Twitter and found this which I thought I should write about it on this blog. 

I've been writing about Twitter tips and stuffs related to Twitter for sometime as of now and like everyone else who's using it frequently not just to share their blog links but to read news as well, I've the fantasy of getting verified on Twitter someday too.

Getting a verified profile on Twitter is special for the ones who know its value., Okie., now let me share you how I've applied for the twitter verification process.

As I was browsing through Twitter I found this link in their blog - How to Get verified on twitter through Application Process which I was thrilled to see.

As you know being a twitter user., getting a verified profile is not a small thing to have in your profile. And the process that was happening before sounds very much manual to us where the twitter guys would selectively pick the profiles from millions of users and grant them the loyalty. I've wrote about it some years back How to get a verified Twitter Account when I was kind of a noob and was still trying to understand how twitter works.,

Now that I've seen the Application Process Verification, I started the process not even thinking about anything else.

Before applying to get verified, you should look into their tips page where they tell you what you should keep in mind before applying and what's needed. Find the link below.

Request to Verify an Account

After you finish reading it, you can follow the link - Verification Request to finally start applying for the verification.

If you don't get it the first time, you can still apply for the same account after 30 Days following the same verification link.

P.S : I've applied for the verification process as well. Feeling excited. I'll write a blog post with the update once I get a mail back from them either positive or negative.

Photo Credit : Flickr- Mambembe Arts & Crafts

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19 Jun 2016

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How To Optimize Images with WebP Format

Do you own a website ? If you have a website, or any business that is running online, or even a blog for that matter, you should make sure the site runs fast and the users can access it without any waste of time. 
Load time of a web page matters in the online business., Lets say you have a great website with colorful images, and really nice design and rich use of JS animations. It'd take hell amount of time to load the page and the user who's trying to visit your website, gets annoyed by the time that it takes to load and it'll lead you to a heavier bounce rate which will kill your blog/website rating at any time.

I was just surfing the web recently and I found something called "webp" format which is a modern image format with the tagline "lossless and lossy compression" for images on the web. I couldn't help but write about it in my blog here.

It's been said that WebP images are 26% smaller in size when compared to PNG images.

You can read more about how webp works here

WebP format is natively supported in Chrome, Opera browsers.,

In this post, we'll tell you how to use webp format to optimize the images for your website/blog in the following steps.

Step 1: 

I'm guessing you've followed the google webp link to know a bit about the format. Now, lets download the precompiled version of the tool that we'll use to convert any image to webp format with lossless and lossy compression.

Download the precompiled version of the tool here

Choose your platform - Windows, Linux or Mac OS and download the files.

Step 2 :

Extract the zip/tar file, copy and place it anywhere you feel convenient. In my case, I'd place it in my C drive.

So, now the path of the files in my system would be "C:\libwebp-0.5.0-windows-x86" 

Step 3 :

Once that is done, go inside that folder "libwebp-0.5.0-windows-x86" in your drive that you've copied it to.

Now, lets copy an image that you want to compress and check if its actually working. Copy a bit bigger sized image and place it inside "bin" folder which would be like below


Step 4 : 

This is a bit trickier part yet you can do it even if you're not any sort of developer, or just someone who knows to operate basics of command prompt.

Open your command prompt and navigate to the installed folder. Check out the screenshot that is attached below to make sure you're on the right track.

Once you're inside the bin folder in your command prompt, run the following line

"cwebp yourfilename.JPG -o webpfile.webp"

If you've done that correctly, you'd see the below screen.

Now if you check the size of the image that's been created, you'd be amazed of how much smaller the image size you get out of it without losing its pixel sizes and quality.

There's a reason why the webp format is being said to be "lossless and lossy" . You can even convert back from webp format to any other format such as PNG, JPG etc, with "dwebp" command. 

Checkout the parameters that you can use with "cwebp" command - cwebp command

Checkout the parameters that you can use with "dwebp" command - dwebp command

That's it. you can do the image compression with just one command without using any photoshop tool.

P.S - Do comment below to let us know how did it go or even if you get stuck somewhere.,

Photo Credit : Flickr
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30 Mar 2016

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5 Things to Know About Twitter Analytics

Are you running a business offline or online? It doesn't matter where you do and what you do, but it sure matters that you use any medium of influencing people to come to you, use your service in anyway possible. I've been writing my way through twitter ever since I've found its usability as a media to publicize yourself as a brand no matter what you do and where you're located in any part of the world.

Using twitter has made me realize there are people who take the slightest care of what you do and those are the like minded people that you'd want to follow and want to be followed back. Setting up a twitter account is not a heavy task and the part of being online (by online I mean the way you stay up tweeting frequently without giving up) is a hell of a job if you're running up a business motive on twitter. Unless you've a twitter account that tweets random thoughts that comes to your mind, tweets with media that you see day to day, you wouldn't be running out of tweets.

To use Twitter Analytics efficiently, you should know the least about it at some point of time.

Twitter has given us the option to check who actually are interacting with you and how are you doing last month compared to this month and how exactly are you growing on your followers rate/ following rate and everything that get accounted which is the Twitter Analytics Platform.

In this post, we're gonna list down the 5 thing that you should know about Twitter Analytics before you start using it.

Monthly Tweet Analysis : 

Tweet Analysis is what we're going to talk about. Brands or Businesses that are tweeting every now and then from their official account should be using this analytics to collect the data of how far their tweets have reached the world, how good is the engagement of tweets with the fellow twitterers.

Normally, you can see any particular tweet activity just by clicking on the "View Tweet Activity" in your tweet section. That will give you a clear analytics of how did that tweet go with the twitterverse.

You can now view weekly activity of your tweets on the right side of your twitter dashboard as well. But when you want to collect the data monthly so that you can account yourself with the growth that you've reached this month and can easily compare yourself to the previous month and do what you should do to be better next month.

That's a good one and they show you your top tweet for the month, top follower for the month, top mentions, top media tweet, top card tweet etc., all for the particular month that you prefer. Scroll down to your twitter analytics dashboard to see older months analytics data.

You're a social media marketer, that's great., you're just steps away to collect those data and make your excel sheet for the month.

Know Your Influencers : 

Twitter is letting you know who was engaging with you the last month most of the times and is showing you the details on what tweet the whole engagement was happening.

Get the data on what was your top tweet on twitter last month, who was your top mention, who was your top follower, what was your top media tweet, what was your top card tweet, all in one single page of Twitter Analytics.

Top Card Tweet for the Month

Top Follower for the Month

Top Mention for the Month

Top Tweet for the Month

You get to know who's your most interesting influencer on twitter in short, you get to know a like minded personality to your business.

Now that's a lot of valuable data for you and your company that runs its promotion on twitter.

Export the Twitter Data : 

The twitter analytics data that you see for a month or any relevant period of time can be exported to your local system in csv format.

You can select any particular number of days, years range which lies next to the export button on top of your tweet activity. Now that should be considered as a lot of data related to your twitter market.

Flavour of Audience:

Knowing your audience is the key to promote your business to the fastest level. Twitter Analytics provides you with the data of what audience base that you're followers are and where exactly you can improve to make sure a lot of people read your tweets and engage with it.

Audience Analytics will help you to improve the understanding of your followers base and tweet accordingly. The list shows the people who have engaged with the tweets that you've been tweeting since the given time period.

Conversion Tracking : 

Twitter provides you the conversion tracking facility just like Google Analytics where you're (the developer) supposed to put the code to your website and the tracking starts immediately once your code is verified.

The Conversion Tracking works in such a way based on the code that you're implementing to your website. You can track any particular page conversion event based on the conditions option when you're setting up the conversion tracking event.

You can add even multiple accounts to the same analytics dashboard. Click on the username on top right, and select the account that you want to use with the analytics dashboard.

Conclusion : 

The data that you get from twitter analytics can be a good option to analyze the growth of your business and make any changes needed to promote your brand on twitter.
Now, that's an important piece of data to your brand.

What features do you like about the Twitter Analytics Platform ?  What do you think it is less of ? Do Share in the comments.

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28 Feb 2016

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How To Find The Number Of Verified Followers On Twitter

Having a verified profile on Twitter is not a small achievement to have on your portfolio unless you're a famous celebrity in your line of work. Getting verified on Twitter is as much as not in our hands until Twitter decides to contact out for Verification.

If you've come to read about how to get verified on Twitter, I'd suggest you to read the linked blog post below.

Read this : How To Get Verified On Twitter

Let that be aside. You have a number of followers that you could even possibly count each and every one of them in hands. Have you ever wondered how many of the verified profiles that follows you ?

Have you ever asked yourself to check that once after you lost count of your followers which I'd say when you reach 100 followers you'd loose the name count of the people who followed you.

When I started using Twitter, I used to follow people and let them follow me back and we exchange tweets, retweets, and favorite each others tweets which are the most used functionalities on Twitter

I happen to count all the followers that followed me and welcome them with a Shout Out (SO) either automated or manually (Atleast when I started out).

While I use Twitter I happen to be followed by some of the verified profiles on Twitter which is pretty awesome actually and you'll feel good about it for no reason. I lost count of the number of verified profiles that follow me on my account later on which led me to find some pretty cool tools that I'm going to share in this blog post.

That was the reason I had to research on any tools that will help you to find the number of verified followers on your Twitter. And I found one.

Social Rank

Social Rank is a platform where you can organize, sort out your twitter followers in case you have way too many to do it manually on twitter.

You can even sort the followers and create a curated list of followers and use it for any purposes that you are planning to may be promotional tweeting, call it your choice.

Once you're logged in to social rank, you'll see the list of followers that follow you on twitter. You'll see a select option where you can select "Verified Followers" and there you go, it'll show you the list of verified profiles that follows you on twitter.

Here's a screen shot of my list of verified list of followers on twitter from Social Rank. 

Me on twitter- @vickythegme

Feel free to mention any other tools that helps you find the list of verified profiles that follow you on twitter. And don't forget to let me know how many verified profiles are following you on twitter in the comments.

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12 Oct 2015

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4 Tips For Choosing a Blog Niche

Blogging is a platform where you help people know things that you knew once and thought to share with others. Blogs are preferred to share the tiny details of your experiences and studies which are someday gonna help someone who'd be reading it. Most people don't realize what they want to blog about but they do want to write about something which they're not sure what it is yet.

I was referring to me especially who want to write-up something but couldn't exactly figure out sooner enough to start with.

This blog post is for those people who are like me who wanted /wants to write /share things whatever it might be yet isn't sure about it.

I''m gonna disclose some 4 tips down below that could get you choose what you really want to write about and start a blogging career sooner.

What Do You Know More About Anything?

Yep. That's a question that you gotta ask yourself first time when you choose you want to start a blog. 

Do you know that there are a lot of people in the world who needs to know about the one thing that you're good at and you know more than anything?

Yeah, that's true. You should be sure about what you know clear and good enough.

That's it. That will lead your mind to choose the niche you want to blog about.

Let Yourself Write For People :

Most people who choose a niche and start a blog will get it wrong the first time. Choosing to write expecting something back will always get yourself stuck into the runway.

Write a blog for yourself, and the people that are gonna read it. Let it be useful for the one's who actually admire the way as you are. Consider writing a blog as if you're keeping an online note of everything that you've learned and getting good at.

Writing for money can still get you score but that won't give you the flow and the interest as always. Yet if you find a niche that makes you money and keeps you interested every single time, then that's  reward for yourself.

Long Term Posts Frequency : 

Choosing a topic to write for a blog is not that hard when you know what you're looking for.

Clear up your mind on writing a blog. Take a list of all the topics that you could possibly want to write about. Make it an xls/ csv file if you want to. 

Now lets filter the topics that you think you can write for a long term frequently. You'd have filtered already and you're left with a little of something around 4 or 5 niche topics at last.

From there its not that for you to choose because you'd already made up your mind with some topic which is more convenient for you in delivering quality content to the readers.

Choose the One That Interests You : 

Interest is the main aspect in doing anything that you do in your day to day life. Interest is the one thing that keeps you doing the same thing everyday even at times when you think that's not worth doing.

Choose a topic that keeps you interested in writing for a very long time. Time is a constraint when you start blogging on a specific topic and you wouldn't know when you'd run out of topics. So, its always the best to choose a topic that you're so much interested as much that you're willing to write even when you find it very hard to continue the course.

Conclusion : 

Blogging is not just a money making platform for all who cares to start writing a blog. It could be a space where you share your skills and knowledge for the people who are in need of and also could become an identity of yourself in the online world.

So, concluding this, my one cent would be choosing a niche that you're good at or choosing a niche that you'd wanna be good at some point in future. Those are the two niche types that will keep you grow yourself and make you see yourself as a blooming blogger over the long run.

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29 Mar 2015

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How to Find the Number of Connections on LinkedIn

Being a professional in any niche, it has become a mandatory to have a linkedin profile and its even more important if you are into entrepreneurship or a social media strategist.

LinkedIn has become a part of  any person that is into his way out on building an online profile. Linkedin has not just become an online profile maker instead it has emerged as a job searching platform as well where you can just find out the company profiles and get an idea of the people who work on those companies.

Building up a professional profile is not just filling up your portfolio, the projects you've done so far and the companies you've worked with. The main asset of having a linkedin profile is in building connections that might/will help you in any near future.

You see, connections in linkedin are as valuable as it seems. Connecting with people may get you leads to your next going to be successful business, or sometimes some of your connections will endorse you with new technologies that you know already, some can help you with recommendations.

While building up your business/personal profile, you obivously need to have a lot of connections both you know personally and virtually on the internet.

Connections are important and you'll realize when you're in need of someone in your connection professionally available someday.

There's one thing in linkedin that I feel a little bit typical that when you get a huge number of connections that you actually lost count, that's when the need for this arises.

You'd wanna look at your connections count and you have no clue how to find the number of connections in your linkedin account.

Don't worry., I've been there and  this post will help you find your number of connections in simple 2 steps.

Step 1:  

Goto the "Connections" at the top menu in your linkedin profile. Once you click, you'll be redirected to your connections list page where you can view the connections in your profile.

Step 2 : 

You'll find a "Settings" icon on the connections page which you should click to find out the number of connections to your linkedin profile.

This will be the url for the page where you'll see the number of connections.

There you go., you got your number of connections to your linkedin profile.

You can also click "Refresh" button if you wanna check the up to date connections number.

That's it., You got your connections number.

Check out my linkedin profile and lets get connected. ;)

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2 Jan 2015

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6 Best Things Of Being a Blogger

Being able to write what we like and have a certain (limited or unlimited) amount of people that read and follow us for updates would sure make anyone feel awesome about it. It is the key source that induces to write better than you can with more accuracy.

Being a blogger can make you feel the way that you want to be in terms of what you write.

I've been writing this blog for nearly a couple of years and it takes real pleasure to write about what I want to. Most of the posts that I write here are related to Twitter tips, and a bit of blogging tips as well with a little option of SEO. And I've been getting pretty good responses based on the topics that I write which makes me to write even more posts related to the niche that I've chosen.

This post is completely about my experiences of being a blogger for this amount of time.

Here we go with the 10 Things that I feel great about being a blogger.

Independence Day :

The sub title seems a little bit strange, don't you think? ;)

The day I started to write this blog. I got the independence to write what just want and when I want to. Very often that just felt bad of not giving up what I learn everyday.

I was too narrow in choosing what to write and all of a sudden I wanted to write about something that I wanted to learn and with flow to the learning phase I'd write the posts then and there. That was the plan.

That made me to choose this niche and start collecting informations and started writing. And with that I got the independence to write about the things that I learn often.

Learning Curve :

I was really excited about writing on what I wanted to know.

Learning about SEO, reading blogging tips wanted me to write about it so that I could talk to pose with my ideas and views.

Connections :

Obviously, you should know the "Big Fish in the Pond".

Being a blogger, You obviously would get to know your fellow bloggers. Fellow bloggers who blog on the same domain, or different niches, start following then on Twitter, Facebook, G+, and other popular social media's so that you could get their updates soon and sometimes might get a chance to talk to them, discuss a little business ;)

Talking to like minded people helps a lot, the same way you could share your views with your fellow bloggers and understand their views .

Joining forums that teach/preach or actually discuss your niche, and interacting with other bloggers makes your learning curve speed up the graph.

Participating in IRC chats , Twitter interactions helps in this matters as well.

Accuracy :

Being a blogger taught me accuracy which is highly important for any blogger to have.

Anything and everything that a blogger writes should be accurate and relevant to topic. Before writing a post, I used to collect data from various sources that are legitimate and then start writing on my own blog.

Accuracy is the point anywhere that you should be having to write on a topic which should make the post a legit one.

Stay with the Trend :

Being a blogger means staying updated with the latest trends every single time. Whether it is SEO, social media, public news, tech or anything, you get updated all the time with the current trends.

At times, There can be running out of time, but never there's running out of knowledge of latest trending news June being a blogger.

I think you'll agree with me on this point.

The simple logic behind is that you do research before you start writing a topic. And that makes you get updated in your niche from time to time.

Business Opportunities :

Being blogger opens you a number of business opportunities on the road.

You're a blogger today and you just might become an entrepreneur tomorrow gather in your own followers and release something big that attracts a large amount of people online.

You'll never run out of ideas once you're onto blogging. If you're being an excellent writer in your own niche, chances are you'd see yourself blogging on some of the too blogs as well.

Conclusion :

The above things are completely based on my experience and I wanted to write about it as it 'll reach people who feel the same way.

I should say even this post is written to communicate with people anytime.

Now that I've shared my views it'd be awesome if you share your views in this posts via comments.

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