28 Feb 2016

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How To Find The Number Of Verified Followers On Twitter

Having a verified profile on Twitter is not a small achievement to have on your portfolio unless you're a famous celebrity in your line of work. Getting verified on Twitter is as much as not in our hands until Twitter decides to contact out for Verification.

If you've come to read about how to get verified on Twitter, I'd suggest you to read the linked blog post below.

Read this : How To Get Verified On Twitter

Let that be aside. You have a number of followers that you could even possibly count each and every one of them in hands. Have you ever wondered how many of the verified profiles that follows you ?

Have you ever asked yourself to check that once after you lost count of your followers which I'd say when you reach 100 followers you'd loose the name count of the people who followed you.

When I started using Twitter, I used to follow people and let them follow me back and we exchange tweets, retweets, and favorite each others tweets which are the most used functionalities on Twitter

I happen to count all the followers that followed me and welcome them with a Shout Out (SO) either automated or manually (Atleast when I started out).

While I use Twitter I happen to be followed by some of the verified profiles on Twitter which is pretty awesome actually and you'll feel good about it for no reason. I lost count of the number of verified profiles that follow me on my account later on which led me to find some pretty cool tools that I'm going to share in this blog post.

That was the reason I had to research on any tools that will help you to find the number of verified followers on your Twitter. And I found one.

Social Rank

Social Rank is a platform where you can organize, sort out your twitter followers in case you have way too many to do it manually on twitter.

You can even sort the followers and create a curated list of followers and use it for any purposes that you are planning to may be promotional tweeting, call it your choice.

Once you're logged in to social rank, you'll see the list of followers that follow you on twitter. You'll see a select option where you can select "Verified Followers" and there you go, it'll show you the list of verified profiles that follows you on twitter.

Here's a screen shot of my list of verified list of followers on twitter from Social Rank. 

Me on twitter- @vickythegme

Feel free to mention any other tools that helps you find the list of verified profiles that follow you on twitter. And don't forget to let me know how many verified profiles are following you on twitter in the comments.

Photo Credit : Flickr


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