27 Aug 2016

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How To Get Verified On Twitter Through Application Process

Yay.,! Have you heard the news ? Now you can get verified on Twitter by applying manually telling them you're the one. Yes., I was wandering for news on Twitter and found this which I thought I should write about it on this blog. 

I've been writing about Twitter tips and stuffs related to Twitter for sometime as of now and like everyone else who's using it frequently not just to share their blog links but to read news as well, I've the fantasy of getting verified on Twitter someday too.

Getting a verified profile on Twitter is special for the ones who know its value., Okie., now let me share you how I've applied for the twitter verification process.

As I was browsing through Twitter I found this link in their blog - How to Get verified on twitter through Application Process which I was thrilled to see.

As you know being a twitter user., getting a verified profile is not a small thing to have in your profile. And the process that was happening before sounds very much manual to us where the twitter guys would selectively pick the profiles from millions of users and grant them the loyalty. I've wrote about it some years back How to get a verified Twitter Account when I was kind of a noob and was still trying to understand how twitter works.,

Now that I've seen the Application Process Verification, I started the process not even thinking about anything else.

Before applying to get verified, you should look into their tips page where they tell you what you should keep in mind before applying and what's needed. Find the link below.

Request to Verify an Account

After you finish reading it, you can follow the link - Verification Request to finally start applying for the verification.

If you don't get it the first time, you can still apply for the same account after 30 Days following the same verification link.

P.S : I've applied for the verification process as well. Feeling excited. I'll write a blog post with the update once I get a mail back from them either positive or negative.

Photo Credit : Flickr- Mambembe Arts & Crafts


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