15 Mar 2020

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How to Upload ads.txt file to Blogger - Adsense

This post is going to help people who have Adsense enabled to their blog and are using Blogger Platform for Blogging.

I was recently browsing through my Adsense account after some period of time and I could find an alert notification that's here in the picture below.

I updated the ads.txt to this blog as I'm running this blog under Blogger since 2013. I thought this would be a useful post for fellow bloggers who would search on how to upload the ads.txt to their Blogger platform domain.

So, here's how it is done.

Step 1 : 

Login to your Adsense Platform and click on "Download" to download the ads.txt file for your domain. You will see a one liner text in the file with the Publisher ID.

Step 2: 

Login to your Blogger Platform. Go to Settings >> Search Preferences

Step 3: 

You should see "Monetisation" at the bottom end of the Search Preferences. Now, here Custom ads.txt would be disabled. Click on "Edit"

Step 4 :

After you clicked on the Edit Link, you should copy paste the content from the ads.txt file and click on "Save Changes".

Step 5: 

Now is the time to verify if the changes are present. You should be able to verify this by going to your blog root domain in a new tab and enter /ads.txt.


This will show you the ads.txt content that you have updated in the Blogger.

As it is mentioned in the Adsense Alert Message, it might take a few days to see the updated changes in your Adsense Account. Be Patient and keep Blogging.

Let me know in the comments if this worked for you. Happy Blogging.

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