28 Jan 2013

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How to Restore a Suspended Twitter Account

Twitter is one of the most popular Social Networks that is raging the Internet world. Well, If you use twitter, you'd probably try to get more followers and most commonly you would use Third party apps to get more followers that are not able to be trusted. It's not that the problem you use third party applications mostly leads to the suspension of your twitter account.

Twitter asks us to follow many rules as like to control the overflow of the system. If you're new to twitter and you don't know the rules, you will find through this link.

Twitter Rules
So, your twitter account got suspended? Yeah, me too. The image above is my account that was suspended days ago. I guess its my second time I am in this state of suspension. And Yeah I got it back within 2 days of time.

First rule to restore from suspension:

 You've got to submit a Ticket here, unless you don't need your account.
While you write the request, don't use any words that would make them worse like "WTF?","Why the hell did you suspend my account?", etc.
Avoid those kind of words and try to make a write like "Dear Twitter, My account @username is suspended. I would like to know the reason and also I wish to get it back ASAP" etc..
Most probably, Twitter doesn't keep users waited as they would send you a reply mail within hours. If not even in the state of hiccups, you'll be receiving the reply mail within 24 hours (max).
When you get the mail from twitter, reply to that mail with stating like "I understand your policies and will not engage in any prohibited following behavior." etc.. Be polite in your way of demanding. They will send you a mail that your account is restored after a day or may be even it takes a week in a few cases. In my case, I got it the first time on the day I replied to their mail and now I got it after 2 days. Maybe, its the number of timings they count on for restoration.
Well, I would ask you not to use third party users, but you can just try to avoid them instead your tweets can make you get more followers. Or you can use trusted applications to gain followers.
Happy Tweeting!!


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