7 Jan 2013

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Best SEO Tools

Blogs simply do not get listed in the Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Blogs need to be promoted with the help of tools which are preferably called as SEO- Search Engine Optimization. Blogs are promoted using these tools and thus are indexed in the search engines.
Listed here are 5 mostly used SEO tools for blogging.

1: Google Webmaster Tool
             It is the most used SEO tool that bloggers use to make sure their blog is doing good or not. Google Webmaster Tool provides you with detailed results of your sitelinks, traffic, page visibility on Google. It provides all your site back links and your site performance, your blocked URL's lists.
2: Google Ad Word Keyword Tool
           It is widely used tool for blogging. Users may type their own thought in Google and the mighty google provides results checking with the words that they provide. These words are listed for the view of bloggers with the help of this tool. You can search for the most apt ad word that suits your content and also suits with the search results. This helps in the recurrent chance of listing your page at the top of other pages.
3: Page Rank Tool
          Page Rank Checker is another tool that provides you to search for your page ranks as per Google. The page rank is validated according to the contents that are valid and consistent to the title. The Page rank starts with PR0 and increases if your page is indexed and ranked well by google. This is most used tool to check your site rank. If your Pagerank is PR0, it means you really have to work hard to strike atleast to get to PR1.
4: Site Stats Checker Tool
         Site Stats Checker tool is another tool that can be used a to check the status of your site. This tool provides you your site's possible backlinks, blocked URL's. It shows all the current status of your site . The site stats checker is available for free from most of the SEO providers.
     These SEO Tools are mostly used as a whole providence. The SEO Tools are been free over the internet from SEO Providers. It will easy and user friendly for you to use Google Webmaster Tool for your Search Engine Optimization.
P.S: Social Networking sites can also be used as SEO Tools for your blog promotion


  1. Clearly the name of the tool is ColibriTool , and yes, it’s once more a free tool. The sweetness of this tool is that it provides you an entire suggestion of doable keywords.

  2. Thanks VICKY,
    A good one. I want to share my experience with a SEO tool. It's colibritool .It's really a great tool. Colibri is a Tool to measure and improve Inbound Marketing with a focus on SEO to get better traffic and conversions. Here you can find colibritool it. It's keywords researching option is really great. Why you are not trying it now ?

  3. I've heard of it, but didn't started using it. Sure I'll try colibritool and will let you know. Thanks for the suggestion though.

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    Google SEO tools are best among all.
    Thanks Google and keep it up :)
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