24 Sept 2013

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5 Tips for Making Your Posts Really Speak to Readers

Writing punchy, engaging, and informative content is crucial to keeping your readers interested and coming back for more, but never under estimate the power of imagery to act as a secondary bit of flair when it comes to publishing online. From simple photographs to highly detailed infographics, throwing a bit of visual stimulation in with your words can make the difference between holding onto a fickle web surfer's attention or losing them as a member of your audience forever.
Unfortunately, while most of us are hipped to the fact that illustrations within blog posts are more or less required, far fewer of us do that fact justice. Helping you with that point and a few others, here are five tips for making your posts really speak to readers:

1. Choose Your Topic Wisely

Choose Your Topic Wisely
No matter your niche, the very first step in creating content that your readers will enjoy and appreciate is choosing your topic wisely, keeping in mind what you know best and what your readers are craving. This will give you exactly the base that you need to build a truly smart article on, providing a foundation on which you can continue to build with each and every word that you write.

2. Choose Your Graphics Wisely, Too

No modern blog post is complete without an image or two embedded within it, a fact well-known to the vast majority of bloggers; what that vast majority doesn't always know, though, is how to choose the very best graphical aids to accentuate their words. With this in mind, spend just as much brain power tracking down only the best graphics for your posts, using images that not only speak to the topic itself, but actually add something to what has already been written. This double whammy of both textual and graphical information will be appreciated by your readers every time, and it won't be long before you're known as a writer who really knows how to illustrate their point.

3. Be Unique and Creative

Be Unique and Creative
With both words and your choice of illustration, be sure to give your finished product a unique and creative feel that your readers will appreciate as something that they could have found only with you. This will help to set you apart from the crowd, allowing your readers to attach labels like "expert" to you and your content - exactly what you need if you hope to rise to the top of your niche.
On the other hand, never let your creativity get out of control! Always remember that your mind is a unique one, and that you're not writing for yourself, and this will help to keep your creative urges grounded enough that none of your readers will get lost in your prose at the risk of missing your point.

4. Be On Point

Before publishing, read through your finished article and the images that you associated with it and ask yourself whether or not you're making a full, important point. Given the abundance of content available on the internet today, no one is interested in wasting their time with reading words that take them nowhere, and that requires that you always ensure that you're making a strong point with every post that you offer.
While simply being in the know as far as your niche is concerned will take you a long way towards better understanding the value of your own published content, you should also make sure that your own goals in disseminating information are clear and concise; a visit to a website like Manifest Connection is a perfect way to help you to hone your own personal skills in a way that will help you towards your goal.

5. Utilize Free Stock Photos

Knowing how to choose the best imagery for your blog posts is important, but you'll still need to know exactly where you can find truly stock free images that don't force you to run the risks associated with infringing on someone else's copyright. Thankfully, there are a wide variety of free stock photo websites out there, such as Smart Photo Stock. Boasting well organized databases of thousands of images, each tagged and categorized for easy searching, sites like Smart Photo Stock are all you'll need to ensure that you've always got all of the photos that you'll ever need to help you to turn well-written content into well-written content with an added touch of visual flair, and you can't beat the cost - absolutely free!
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About the author: Anna Fox is the creative writer running a blog about productivity and self-improvement. For illustrating blog posts on her own blog she is using images from Smart Photo Stock - a source of high quality photos and graphics.


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