1 Feb 2014

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Reasons For Your Twitter Account Spamming

Twitter Users are getting spammed so easily these days. Twitter is still a secure network where marketing of products and brands are still going on the other hand. What made you feel that twitter is insecure for you to run your social profile?

I am a regular user of twitter and I tweet 4-5 tweets daily even when I am not online just with the help of the auto tweeting tools which are scheduled to tweet at times. Its not a sin to use auto tweeting tools or in other words, twitter management tools. Twitter only considers those profiles that tweets spam urls or that tweets twice or three times continously.
If to be said, I am used to asked to rest my twitter password once in two weeks these days saying my twitter is compromised. I realized that its because I have been authorizing new and unknown applications that might have spammed my twitter.
Twitter guys are working on this condition since the increase in usage of twitter by marketers and brands and medias. They always send you an instant mail to change or reset password once they find anything spammy going on with your profile.

Now lets see why your account is getting spammed easily.

Spamming DM's:

It is an obvious one. And you know it. I am going to tell you why that is happening with your profile. Direct Messages are sent only to those people who follow you and you follow them. Anyone can send you a DM if there's a mutual following. Its not an etiquette to send someon url links privately via DMs and nobody's gonna click on that.
 You'll never click on someone's link at least not before you know them. And such, you should never expect them to click on the url link in their DM anyway.
Of course I agree you are doing it to promote your business. If you are doing it, then do it right.

Make your url visible at your profile page. Send the business blog or website link that is shown in your profile just to let them know you own it. Don't send direct messages with shortened urls which is nowadays a common spamming method spreading on twitter.

Unknown URL Clicks:

Clicking on the url happens all the time. It does happen even more with tweets. You can differentiate the spammy urls and other urls which you want to click. Mostly we click at the unknown links that tempt us. It is not a bad thing that we only click at those urls. But there are some third party unknown applications that will make the users to tweet automatically with their links many times making it a spammy url.

Most likely you'll click 1 link among 100 many unknown links you see everyday and that's all it takes for the spammers to run your profile .

Following Spam Profiles:

Following spam profiles happens to everyone who follow for a follow(#f4f). It is common that you don't see it coming.
This occurs mostly when you follow everyone who follow you and you become the victim of someone who's doing it for years. I am not asking you to stop following people who follow you. What I want you to do is to have a code while following back the profiles that follow you. You can find easily whether a profile is a spam or fake just by spending a minute watching its profile and reading its tweets.

Tweeting Spams:

Ofcourse you won't tweet spams with your knowledge. Tweeting spams happens when somebody takes over access to your profile. This not only means that you've been compromised but also your priority to suspension. Sometimes when you use any third party tools that will gain you followers, they have the control over your tweets and they can read and write messages which is an easy gateway for spammers to tweet any sort of spams on your profile.

This doesn't stop there. They tweet spams from your profile and you don't even know it. You'll know when you get blocked and suspended by somebody or twitter itself because of spamming. There are still people who take things seriously and block you for spamming activities. This has more influence on the list to get suspended on twitter.

I have experienced such incidents with my twitter twice when some users replied to a DM which is a spam message sent from my profile. I came to know when some nice people in my followers list informed me about this activity and the best part is I couldn't see the spam message myself.
These are just some of the ways which your account is spammed and there are many other ways which I haven't seen with my account but it happens.


The worst thing that could happen about spamming is that you'll get tired of using it as I have seen many users stop using it. But once you start liking to use it, you'll get the best out of twitter to run your business online.
Seems like I have written what I wanted to tell and would really appreciate what you think by comments.

Happy Tweeting!!!

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  1. Due to so much spam, I bound to delete my profile. Thanks for the information.