23 Jul 2013

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10 Tips to Improve Interaction On Twitter

Source: Wikimedia
Interaction is a very important business acumen.Without a significant amount of Interaction with your social media profile lists, running a business online is much difficult. Engaging with your social profile followers and friends will help a lot to improve your business in terms of growth, name and money. It won't seem bad when it comes to self-promoting your business or product. As and through the growth of your brand or business, you'll need a lot of interaction with the fellow members and followers. Twitter can be helpful for any business to gain more followers worldwide and will grow your business fair enough.
Any business say blogging, products or brand will possibly need a fair amount of engagement with the crowd at the start which is a part of Marketing Strategy. 
     In this post, We are gonna see 10 simple tips to maintain a decent interaction on Twitter. Interaction on Twitter is very important for business. Twitter is said to be an effective micro-blogging platform and it has increased 40% of its crowd since 2012. Marketing brands or any business (SMB's) etc., are running wild on Twitter currently. For a business to run viral on Twitter, the major thing needed is Interaction. Only tweeting 10 tweets per hour will not make the business run sharp. As you know, Nobody cares what you tweet unless it has something they want. So, you are gonna have to make people want what you have. And thats the part of Marketing Strategy. The main component needed for this strategy is Interaction. Letting people know you have what they want will automatically attract the customers. Here are 10 tips to maintain a decent interaction on Twitter for business to reach more people (followers).

1. Continous Tweeting:

Lets start with tweeting. I didn't say tweeting more is a problem. Tweeting more can be a problem if nobody listens to what you tweet. It could be of no use when you tweet continously and everything goes in vain. Gather your crowd and tweet frequently based on your niche.

2. Filter Fellow Tweeps:

You have to filter your followers based on who actually listens to you (tweets). Its simple. People who retweets, favorites, mentions you a while are those who actually listens to your tweets. You will know eventually when you start engaging with your followers.

3. Start Talking:

Yes. You have to take the initative if nobody's willing. Its your business to run and you're gonna have to move your ass first. Start interacting with the fellow crowd and let them know you're concerning them. While Mentioning them, make sure you're referring to them and make them get interested in your tweets. This will automatically increase your business exposure.

4. Use HashTags:

This is actually one of the main strategy for interacting wide. As you know with hashtags, your tweets reaches more people than just your followers.  Mention your tweets with not more than 2 hashtags as because it seems spammy when more hashtags are used within those 140 characters. Mention your crowd tweeps with hashtags like #FF, #TGIF, #RT etc., just to get their attention as well as the attention of the other people on twitter as well.

5.  Retweet, Favorite:

What are these for? Retweet your followers tweets to let them know you're interested in making an interactive session with them. RTs can be done in two different ways. As you know you can click the Retweet button to do it or you can also quote the person's name and tweet him with his original tweet. Its better to RT their tweet by mentioning it as a seperate tweet rather than just Retweeting them.

6. Praise the Retweets:

Tweeting continously will make your twitter account look fresh and lively. Of course, it may bring lot of Retweets and favorites for your tweets.The one thing you could do to make your engagement with the tweeps is praising the Retweets like mentioning the @person and thanking him for the Retweet and let the flow go on.

7. Add to Lists:

 Add your favorite people on Twitter to your lists. Its easy to find who are your favorite ones. Those who retweet, favorite and engage with you the most on twitter are your favorite ones who listens to your tweets. Keep them groomed and stay engaged with them often to let them know you concern for them.
Actually you can use the 4th tip here. ie; tweet them often with #hashtags listed above.

8. DM Only if Needed.:

No matter what you do try to engage with the fellow tweeps, there is always some kinda privacy for each and every one of them. DMs with links are mostly considered spams these days because of the third party applications that we use over to gain followers that will lead to loose followers as well. So, as far as DM is concerned, use it only for secure purposes and avoid spammy links via DMs.

9. Tweet Quotes Often:

Tweeting is fun when you've something interesting is going on which you wanna share with your followers and getting engaged in several 140 character conversations. More often tweeting Quotes will make your account get followed by many people as well as get yourself into interacting with the others. When you open your profile and you see all your promotional tweets for your business and you'll feel drowsy and bored. Tweeting Quotes often will help your account look refreshing and yourself too.

10. An Awesome Twitter Bio:

It should have been on the top on the list if the Post Title is "Tips To Gain More Followers". Your Twitter Bio also takes part in getting yourself more engaged with your followers. You may find it funny though, but it is your Trademark to let the twitterers know who you are and what you do. Twitter Bio ranges according to the business industry which you are into. You should have an attractive bio on your Profile which will make your followers interested in you and start engaging on their own to your tweets.


Now that I have finished with the 10 Tips, I am waiting to hear how you could make use of your interaction on Twitter for your business and your experiences in engaging with your twitter tweeps.

Image Credit: Wikimedia


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