20 Aug 2013

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5 Tools To Create Your Own Infographics

Infographics are very powerful in the blogosphere and in every other business as well. Inspite of Time and writing more content, they are indisputable in reaching more readers and can be understood easily.  As Web Designers and Bloggers, we come across a lot of infographic presentations everyday and only we know how much effort we are putting into for creating such infographics using tools like Photoshop. Photoshop is really a competing tool for designing Charts, images and infographics etc., but in the POV of designers, it consumes a lot of time and energy and budget. To reduce the amount of time spent in creating such infographics and charts, came the infographic creator tools which can save you a lot of time and money. Anyone can design cool infographics with these tools and you don't need to be a designer to furnish your carvings.

 Here are 5 of my favorite tools for creating cools infographics with your data.



Infogram- Create Interactive Infographics. One of the best Infographic creator tool and easy to use as well. A total of 1,039,728 Infograms (and counting) are created using this tool. Infograms created with this tool are rich in data content and more like charts.   Chart type datas can be created in minutes. It ha a built-in spreadsheet where you will be providing the data or you can also import data from Excel sheet, XLS or CSV formats too. You can create chart type infographics in formats like Bar chart, Pie Chart, Bubble Chart, Tree Chart etc., . The Download feature is available only to pro users who buy subscription for 18$/ month or $/year. You can share the infographics created by you on your social networks and can  embed in your website too.

Get About Me:


This is a cool infographic creating tool which gathers data from your social networking profiles and generates your own personalised infographics. Yes, by signing in via Facebook, the tool automatically generates an infographic image based on your social media activity. It is one of the best tool to view your ups and downs of your day to day social media profile activities.



Visualize.me is an apt tool to rejenuvate your resume in an infographic format. The tagline- Visualize your Resume in one click says it all. Yes. That's Right!. Just be connecting with your linkedin profile, it creates a professional infographic resume. You can create your infographics resume in minutes. You can share your personalised Resume to your social networking profiles as well as embed to your blog. It is in its beta version and some of the features like Print are coming soon and it will be quite exciting in coming years with the personalized infographic resume.



Piktochart is another free infographic tool that contains more than over 120 themes which you can create visual infographic datas. It is easy to share and easy to use as it guides step by step tutorial even for a perfect newbie. The attractive feature is that download as JPG or PNG formats are available for all the users. The Pro users will get hands on unlimited themes. Free Users can access only 7 themes whereas Pro Users can access more than 100 themes. The cost of Subscription is $29 /month or 169$/year.



Easel.ly is another free tool to create your infographics. It calls its themes as vheme (Visual Theme) and it is totally free. You can create your infographics within minutes with this tool and is cost-effective too. The best part is it has drag and drop facility that works on the themes where anyone with no designing background can use its features very easily.


 So far I have seen and tried, the above are the 5 tools for creating infographics. There are many other infographic tools out there but I am sure that you'll love the above ones more than the other tools for your purposes.
Now, leave back a comment with your favorite infographic creation tools. 

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